Noise Fest 2016

Poster A4A4.pdf (3,7 MB)

we´ve found place so... there is the link for Friday and Saturday´s festival place:

Sunday´s place:



These bands were confirmed: 


JIKU88 ( Japan ) 

Robbertunist ( Ireland)

Massola ( Czech Rep.)

Drén ( Slovakia ) 

Atomic-Mosquito ( Russia )

Eine Stunde Merzbauten ( Czech Rep.) 

900Piesek ( Slovakia )

Pavel Ondračka ( Czech Rep.)

Azbuka ( Slovenia )

Kikiriki ( Slovenia )

Einleitungszeit ( Slovakia )

Usnu? ( Czech Rep. )

Ankylym ( Russia )

Samčo ( Slovakia)

Myasorubka ( Czech Rep. / Russia) 

Kutwyv ( Holland) 

Hluková Sekce ( CZ/ SK/ SLO) 

GEN 26 (Slovenia) 

Noitt ( Slovakia) 

Snogg ( Slovenia)

Be aching to see ( Czech Rep.)

UGFC ( Czech Rep.)



   we are waiting for confirmation from other projects from Germany, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Rep. etc...  ( maybe there will be playing speciall performer. He was born in Zaire ( Congo)) More info will be soon...








Noise Fest 2014

One more thank you very  much for coming and for great shows and performances that you all made on the NOISE FEST Czech republic 2014.  that´s all for now, thank you again and maybe next time again in Brno or somewhere else…



This Noise Festival was

" In Memoriam to Primož "

23rd of March Primož from Minimal Bastard passed away in his sleep. He was a very dear friend who will always be remebered


"Noise Fest 2014" 

11. - 12.4.2014 Brno 

 End Of Silence (Ger),

Cadlag (Slovenia),

William Nurdin (Fra),

  Core of the Coalman (USA) 


Supraphon Family (Slovakia),

Sedem Supraphon Minut Family Strachu (Slovakia),

Sedem Minut Strachu (Slovakia),


Minimal Bastard (Slovenia) (R.I.P.),


Garasu (CZ),


Sist en 343 (Slovenia),

Praying For Oblivion (Belgium),

Loud Pals meets Sub-Atomic Level

( Slovakia/ Czech)

+ both days DJ Pero Fotar (Slovenia),

+ more


poster A4: A4.pdf (3926019)  


facebook page:



which bands you want to see / jaké kapely by jste chtěli popřípadě vidět


Datum: 03.02.2014 | Vložil: prochy

Myslim, ze by se nestratil!

Re: napalmed

Datum: 03.02.2014 | Vložil: matt/EOS

Napalmed would be great!

Re: Re: napalmed

Datum: 03.02.2014 | Vložil: Mira

Yes, I know that Napalmed are the best in the world but our line up is full :)

Re: Re: Re: napalmed

Datum: 06.02.2014 | Vložil: prochy

Myslim, že by se tam nekde dal natěsnat!!!

Re: Re: napalmed

Datum: 05.09.2016 | Vložil: RadeK.K.

Impossible, Napalmed is defunct since 2014.


Datum: 30.01.2014 | Vložil: pavel

Re: noisecore

Datum: 31.01.2014 | Vložil: Mira

Cau Pajos, line up je skoro plny, ale budu s tebou pocitat kdyby se neco zmenilo :) Uz jenom doladujeme posledni detaily

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